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I know for all of us, re-entry to our home culture can be challenging, awkward and yet very comfortable as we return to everything that is familiar. We’ve now been back for a couple of weeks and I’ve started writing this post several times but just couldn’t finish it. We’ve seen many of our trip team members and have heard similar things from them:

  • What previously seemed so important is no longer;
  • We’ve got images of the children of Monterrey etched in our minds;
  • The images of the utter poverty in which the children and families of the Rio areas are burned into our memories;
  • The servant’s hearts of the B2B staff in Monterrey;
  • Lola, a 40-something woman at one of the homes, who has Downs Syndrome;
  • Political battles in the workplace that now seam quite silly;
  • Thoughts of the 13-year-old boy that went with us to park and what he’s thinking about right now;
  • The Friday night meal here that costs ~$40 and thinking about how that money could be used in Monterrey;
  • The change I empty out my pocket at the end of the day and how that could be used by Todd and Beth.

I participated in the first meeting of many who are considering going on the July trip on Sunday. Some have previously gone, others are considering this for the very first time. They had questions on security, where we sleep, what we do — all great questions.

My words of encouragement to anyone considering going. Go! Pray about it. Think about it. Discuss it with your family. But go! If you’re taking your spouse and your kids, you will be more closely bonded. If you’re single, you may discover a new passion but you WILL be touched.

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