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Every year a soccer coach from an Ohio school comes down here with teens from the school he teaches at.  They host a week long soccer camp at each of the children’s homes.  We are here this year with them and they included our team in the party.  There are 87 teens on their team.  They had a fiesta tonight to kick off the camp and bused all the children from the children’s homes.  It is such a neat thing they do for the kids.  It’s a really big deal.  They give each kid their own soccer ball and two t-shirts.  And they teach them how to play soccer.  One of the nights there will be a big soccer game between the children’s homes. 

They put everyone on campus in matching t-shirts, put up a big tent, cooked up some arrachera (skirt steak), got a band, and served about 500 people dinner. 

go monterrey 09 319

They kicked off the party with an ice cream eating contest.  There were 2 kids from each children’s home.  They were blind folded and one child had to feed the other child a bowl of ice cream.  The first one to finish won. 

go monterrey 09 340

Some of the teens that live in the children’s homes got up and gave a testimony.  They were trying to encourage the kids to trust in the Lord for their future.  And the kids from Imperio De Amor got up and sang.  There were kids running around everywhere and you know they were feeling something special tonight. 

go monterrey 09 290 go monterrey 09 352

go monterrey 09 348

go monterrey 09 287

go monterrey 09 307

Isaiah 58:10

“and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”



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Feliz Cumpleanos!

We went to Imperio De Amor to have a birthday party for the kids who had birthdays in January-July.  Each child was called down individually to receive their gift and then we chanted for them to open it. 

go monterrey 09 214 go monterrey 09 208

We filled up the small chapel with balloons….

go monterrey 09 186 go monterrey 09 165

We filled a giant pinata with candy…

go monterrey 09 235 go monterrey 09 246

We filled some tummies with cake and a little frosting….

go monterrey 09 280 go monterrey 09 282

And I pray that we filled some hearts with the love of Jesus Christ.


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We’re Glad You’re Here.

We at Fields of Grace (FoG) feel like there is so much to communicate regarding orphan care, foster care and adoption beyond the event announcements we typically send via email distribution. We would love to begin a dialog with you and hear what you have to say. We will be posting thoughts, quotes, links, videos, blogs to other HCBCnw adopting families, prayer requests, adoption support, controversial subjects and on and on. In addition you can follow the GO trips that are specifically focused on orphan care. As you can see already, the Monterrey FoG team has already posted this week. We would love to hear your responses to our posts.

Please place us in your “bookmarks” or “favorites”, Google reader, etc. and check with us regularly. You may have already noticed that we have migrated over posts from our past GO trips. Make yourself comfortable here. Look around at past posts, links, etc. But most importantly, figure out a way to check in regularly.

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When the official trip blogger becomes the official van driver  all of her creative juices quit flowing due to sheer exhaustion.  Please give me grace and bear with me.  This may be a really boring post.  We arrived last night and I was too beat to let everyone know we were safe.  Sorry about that.

We are here and we are safe.  Praise God!

Today we walked to church at Casa Hogar Douglas (one of the children’s homes near the campus).  It was fantastic!  The band was rocking and the people were on fire for the Lord. 

After lunch we headed to Casa Hogar Imperio De Amor.  We split into two teams.  The guys painted this thick, white, paint-stuff (I’m sure it has a technical name but I don’t know what it is) on the roof.  And the ladies cleaned, played with kids, and built concrete molds. 

I have a few pictures of the day…

The first one is Leah playing Legos with 3 boys.  When I walked in and saw this I couldn’t help but think that this same scene plays out in her home with her own 3 boys. 

go monterrey 09 061

The second picture is Andrew Dixon.  He is the intern down here that attends HCBC NW.  He is so unbelievably sunburned!  I told him to make a tough face since he says it doesn’t hurt.

go monterrey 09 088

And the final picture is of some of us at a little store.  We were waiting out a small rain shower, drinking some Cokes, eating some Salsa Limon Doritos.  Yum, yum!

go monterrey 09 075 

The theme that B2B has us focusing on this summer is “Shelter”.  What does it mean?  Where do we find it?  How have we been called to provide shelter to others (Matthew 25:31-46)?

I know that us waiting out a rain shower under a metal roof while eating snacks isn’t the kind of shelter that is described in Psalm 91.  But I think the body of Christ can be a shelter for us.  It sure feels “safe” when you are with people who have the same heart for the orphan child.  The same heart for serving Jesus and the same goal of living a life that glorifies Him. 

Goodnight.  I better get some sleep.  The roads we are driving have recently been paved and they have not painted the lanes lines on yet.  It’s pretty wild! 


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We made it across



There was a small issue with our immigration stamp being 2008 but other than that it was smooth sailing.  We arrived at back 2 back around 6:00 PM.

– Lee

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And there off!

go monterrey 09 001Left this morning at 7:30ish on our journey to Monterrey.  Packing the luggage in was easy after packing in all the donations.  I just can’t thank everyone enough for all their support.  Had a little trouble with the walkie talkies.  Note to self don’t wait until midnight before you go to check if the walkie talkies are working.  You would think after getting a degree in programming VCRs (wow does anyone still do that) it wouldn’t be a problem.   The “are we there yet papa smurfs” haven’t started yet (dating myself again). 

I’m not getting my email but I’m assuming that we are continuing through 2 Cor.  I read 2 Cor 8:1-15 this morning it was all about generosity which was very fitting considering that the whole front of our house was filled up with donation last night.

2 Cor 8:7 “But just as you excel in everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us – see also that you excel in the grace of giving.”

– Lee

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The last 2 days have been spent sorting and organizing the flood of donations.  It feels like Christmas each time I open the front door!  I can’t count the amount of anonymous bags that have been left!  Kendall (our 10 year old daughter) stood at the top of the stairs gazing at the mountain in our front hall just grinning from ear-to-ear.  She is so excited!  Today my kids helped me fill up ziplocks with small toys and candy for us to pass out.  And Kendall has colored a box that we will fill with soda and candy for Tim and Kathy (house parents at one of the Hope houses).  Ruth dropped off a HUGE bag of homemade Playdough yesterday.  I know she put some love in there!  This is so fun!
We had a small hiccup in that when Lee went to get pick up the van, he realized his license was expired.  So, I threw the kids in the mini-van and drove like the wind to Pflugerville to meet him at the rental place before they closed.  And I am now the official driver!  Yee-haw, ya’ll!  There better be some prayers for this trip! 


This is our front hall before John, Rhonda, Blake, and Shane showed up to help us load it all in a van.  Shane just got home from BYBC boot camp TODAY and he is headed out with us tomorrow.  He is losing his voice so, pray that he gets it back.  We are counting on him to translate!

monterrey 09 001

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