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David and Nancy Redding are members of Hill Country Bible Church and just a few years ago had no plans to adopt. But God worked in the collective heart of their family and they recently brought home two little boys from Ethiopia.

David’s most recent post on their blog is so powerful. Here’s the first graph from that post:

“I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blog and my lovely wife has done a wonderful job of posting, don’t you think?  Let me start by saying that I did not think it would be possible for me to love to children that are not biologically my own as much as I love these two boys.  It is a trip to think that I didn’t even know them 9 weeks ago and now I can’t imagine life without them.  It is truly a picture of the love that God has for us and how he can love us even more as adopted sons and daughters.  Cool stuff.”

Thank you, David and Nancy, for sharing your adoption experience with us.


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