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I recently came across a blog post by Shaun Groves on the topic of God’s will for adoption entitled For The Few Or Almost Everyone?

You may remember Shaun as he joined us for a Sunday morning several years ago. He’s a singer/songwriter who is also a strong advocate for the fatherless and adoption.I just added his blog to our blogroll.

His post discusses God’s universal will, those commands that apply to everyone, the entire church versus God’s individual will, how He calls each of us uniquely. And the ultimate question Shaun asks is this: where does adoption fit? Is everyone called to adopt? I don’t believe so. Is everyone called to support those who adopt? Again, I don’t think so. (Shaun’s blog has a pretty big following as more than 50 people weighed in with their thoughts on the topic.)

But, is everyone called to live out James 1:27 is some form or fashion? I believe we are but would add that this can look dramatically different to each person.

Some will care for the single mother in their neighborhood, watching her children, bringing her meals, fixing her home. Others will go on a mission trip to provide care and hope to the fatherless in other countries while sharing the ultimate hope of the gospel. Others will financially support those who go. Others will bring a foster child into their home. Some will support someone in their small group who is adopting. And yet others WILL adopt.

To me, a member of Hill Country Bible Church, the question is this: are we, as a body of Christ-followers, characterized by our desire to broadly and individually support adoption and orphan care?


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We’re home!

go monterrey 09 570 We arrived at HCBC NW around 4pm. We were so blessed by this trip. As God was building the team we kept praying for more men to sign up to come. We had 2 men, one teen boy, and one 10 year old boy. The other 8 team members were 7 women and a 10 year old girl. After arriving we learned that the large team from Ohio had an agenda that slowed the construction and physical labor projects down so that the the man power and resources could be utilized by the soccer camps this week. God knew that our team did not need a ton of strong men. He knew that we needed to be a smaller group, too. It would have been harder logistically if we were a larger team. Also, we were able to focus on loving and blessing the staff at B2B. Many times we were told that our team was a breath of fresh air in the middle of a hard summer. Praise God that He used us!
On our last morning people shared their "picture of the week" and I saw that God used this trip to personally touch each team member. I believe it was the starting point of change in many people’s hearts. They all mentioned the desire to seek what God’s next step would be for them. I look forward to seeing what God will do in the coming months with what we experienced in Monterrey.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. 


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A few great pictures…


go monterrey 09 372  go monterrey 09 439

go monterrey 09 390go monterrey 09 477go monterrey 09 483 go monterrey 09 410

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Planetario Alfa

Today we took the kids from Casa Hogar Betesda to Planetario Alfa (a HUGE science center).  It was a wild time!  The teens that are here with us brought kids from another children’s home.  There were 5 buses of children!  The science center is 5 stories high and it has an Imax theater.  There is also a planetarium and an outdoor play area.  Everyone wore the same t-shirts.  So, if you can imagine about 100 children and about 100 adults running around this place.  Insanity…. but the kids were having a blast!

go monterrey 09 605 go monterrey 09 582

go monterrey 09 594

On the ride back, our bus broke down on the side of the freeway.  Thankfully, we had plenty of water and Tete had a tortilla in her fanny pack. 

go monterrey 09 609

“Unbelievable….” says Tete.


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go monterrey 09 444 

40 years ago a small chapel was built on the hill by Casa Hogar Douglas .  Over the years it fell into disrepair and the people began to pray that God would restore it.  A couple at B2B started to pray for it, too.  Praise God that He provided the funds to renovate the chapel.  Tonight we went to the dedication ceremony.  We sang praise songs and held hands to pray for the church.  Scripture was read and the children from the Casa Hogar danced.  We truly felt the presence of God there.  The children in the Casa Hogar would not have an opportunity to go to church without this chapel near their property.  I kept thinking about what a special place this will be for them.  A shelter on the hill where they will learn about and worship their Heavenly Papa. 

go monterrey 09 544 go monterrey 09 558

Con una corona de espinas, te hiciste rey por siempre.

With a crown of thorns, you became King, forever and ever….


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Casa Hogar Douglas

Today we spent the day at Casa Hogar Douglas.  We played with the kids, put up a chain link fence, and the men dug 3 deep holes for beams.  They are eventually going to make a covered area using the beams.

Here are a few pictures of our day. go monterrey 09 498

go monterrey 09 530


go monterrey 09 464go monterrey 09 505 go monterrey 09 515

go monterrey 09 526

Psalm 9:9-10

“The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble, and those who know Your name will put their trust in You; for You, Lord have not forsaken those who seek you.”


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Baby In A Bucket??

Today we went to Cadereyta to work on the church there.  Cadereyta is what they call a squatter’s village that was along a river and the government moved them to an area outside of town.  It’s an area with houses built of cinder blocks and dirt roads.   There is no plumbing or running water.  They fill jugs from cisterns.  They have only recently been provided electricity.  go monterrey 09 378

Many of the children who arrive at children’s homes come from these areas.  B2B is helping a pastor and his family with the ministry to these people.   Their hope is that through support and encouragement, these families will stay in tact and the cycle of children being abandoned will be broken.

We spent the day working and playing with the kids.  Then we had an outreach where we served the kids oranges and cookies.  go monterrey 09 429 go monterrey 09 422

The baby in the bucket lives in the house next to the church.  His parents are so proud of him.  He was just hanging out in a bucket of water trying to keep cool.  They do not have much by worldly standards but they are an intact family filled with love and joy. go monterrey 09 413


Here are a few pictures of our team working…

go monterrey 09 363   Rhondago monterrey 09 386 Ruth and Kendall (Emily is the intern on the ladder)

go monterrey 09 388



 go monterrey 09 072 Diana

(Hey Carlos, Diana has a future in construction!)


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