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Our good friend Jason Kovacs (@jasonkovacs on Twitter) of Abba Fund (@abbafund on Twitter) recently did a post on their blog with updated global numbers regarding the orphan population.

True numbers are hard to get as there are many different definitions of what makes one an orphan. But at the end of the day, I’d rather not use the word orphan. To me, that dehumanizes the situation much like the word fetus does to an unborn child. These numbers represent little boys, little girls. It is someone that has been created by God. He or she has been created to do great things, God has great plans for them — until sin got in the way and disrupted those plans.

Here are a few of those statistics. Click over to Jason’s post for them all.

  • The most recent estimate is that there are approximately 145 million orphans in the world (UNICEF 2008). For this number, an orphan is defined as a child who has lost one or both parents.
  • More than 15 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS, over 11.6 million of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • In 2007 67.5 million Children in South Asia and East Asia had lost one or both parents due to all causes.
  • Included in the 2008 estimate of 145 million orphans are more than 92 million that have a surviving mother—-with whom they most likely live.
  • Approximately 15 million children are “double” orphans—growing up without either mother or father.  That’s about ten percent of the whole 145 million.

Each year, an estimated 20,000 young people “age out” of the U.S. foster care system. Many are only 18 years old and still need support and services. Several foster care alumni studies show that without a lifelong connection to a caring adult, these older youth are often left vulnerable to a host of adverse situations:

Earned a high school diploma         54%
Obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher     2%
Became a parent                 84%
Were unemployed                 51%
Had no health insurance             30%
Had been homeless                 25%
Were receiving public assistance         30%

What’s your role in changing these numbers? It can be overwhelming to look at the 145 million number. I don’t think we can help 145 million children but we can look into the eyes of ONE child and say, “what can I do for you?” or to come alongside a young couple and say “how can I help you adopt?”

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We are thrilled to announce that Hill Country Bible Church NW is now offering, through Fields of Grace and Abba Fund, a financial assistance program to assist members of HCBC NW in their desire to adopt. If you or someone you know would benefit from the Adoption Fund, please contact Fields of Grace at fieldsofgrace@hcbc.com for more information.

Research shows that the number one reason people don’t adopt is the perception that it’s too expensive. And while it can be expensive (today, the average private or international adoption costs between $20,000 and $30,000), we feel that if God is calling you to adopt, He wouldn’t do so without also providing financially.

The church has been very generous in a seed donation to the fund. With the addition of several other donations our fund is beginning with $10,000. We are very excited as this level of funding will quickly assist couples that are in the process of adopting. To start, the Adoption Fund will consist of granting short-term, interest-free loans.

Let me talk for a second to both the couples who feel that God is calling them to adopt, as well as those who would potentially contribute to this fund. I believe that God has a role for both of you to fulfill His will to care for the world’s orphans.

Let me start with the second group first. While we are starting with a significant amount of funding, the ongoing growth of the fund will depend on giving from people like you. While you may not personally be called to adopt, it may be that God is calling you to help a young couple who IS called to adopt by giving to this fund. Please know that we in no way want this to detract from your regular church giving. This should be “over-and-above” giving as you feel God leading you. You might choose to make a one-time donation or you may choose to make it a part of your regular giving.

Here are two ways you can contribute:

1. By check made payable to ABBA Fund with HCBCnw in the memo. Mail to:

The ABBA Fund

P.O. Box 1120

Ramseur, NC 27316

2. Online at www.abbafund.org

Click on “Donate”

Enter HCBCnw in the line “Partnership Fund Designation”

Now, for those of you who DO feel God is calling you to adopt — we want to hear from you!

This fund will be successful if the money in it is out working to complete adoptions. Please contact us and we’ll find time to sit down with you to hear your stories, to pray with you and walk you through the process. We have an application that you will be required to complete, along with personal references, that will be sent directly to Abba Fund. We will not have access to any of your financial information – that will all be handled by Abba Fund and they will make a recommendation to us. You will work with Abba Fund to determine a loan repayment timeframe, so effectively any contribution to the fund is a “gift that keeps on giving” as more and more families utilize the fund.

Finally, let me also point out that there are a number of ways to adopt for little or no cost, including through the State of Texas and local, Christian agencies such as Arrow Child & Family Ministries. If you’re interested in this approach, please contact us as there are many families at HCBC that have already or are in the process of adopting in this way.

Thank you and thank you to the regular givers to Hill Country Bible Church. It is through your regular giving that we’ve been able to launch this fund.

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