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Heart Gallery at HCBC, Austin

Tonight, we’re at Hill Country Bible Church setting up for the public showing of The Heart Gallery of Central Texas. The gallery is part of a whole schedule of activities we have in store for November.

From their website, they describe themselves as the following:

“A project of the Adoption Coalition of Texas and CASA organizations across Central Texas, The Heart Gallery of Central Texas is both an art exhibit and community education effort. The Heart Gallery features professional portraits by renowned documentary and portrait photographers of children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. The goal of The Heart Gallery of Central Texas is to elicit support for and interest in the lives of these children – and ultimately find each child and sibling group a “forever family.”  Many of the foster children featured in the gallery are older or special needs children, minorities, or members of a sibling group.  All are considered hard-to-place children. We plan to keep the Heart Gallery moving until all of the children are adopted!”

dsc_00051We’re excited because this is one of our first big outreach activities to encourage those in our church body to consider being part of the domestic foster and foster/adopt program.

If you attend HCBC NW, we encourage you to peruse the exhibit, which will be on the lower level near Roaster’s Coffee and directly above that area in the 2nd floor hallway. It will be on display starting Nov. 14 through Nov. 23.

If you have questions, e-mail us at fieldsofgrace@hcbc.com.

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Adoption Seminar

Today, we conducted the second of our Adoption Seminars for Fields of Grace in partnership with our friends at Grace Covenant Church. who have a very similar ministry as we do but have named it Bridges of Grace. We partnered with them last year as well and are looking at other ways we can share ideas and best practices together.The purpose of the adoption seminars is to inform those who are interested in adoption of what the process entails and give them a realistic look into what their lives will look like during the process and once they return home with their child. HCBC’s Community Impact Pastor John Short opened the morning with some opening comments and prayer. Following John were Michael and Amy Monroe, from Irving Bible Church and leaders of the Tapestry Orphan and Adoption Ministry there. They did a great job of describing their various adoptions and drew the parallel of each of us as broken and hurting children that also need adoption into Christ’s family. They are very passionate about living out James 1:27 and are serving as an incredible resource to other churches, like our’s, that are still finding their way with their orphan ministries.I then had the opportunity to moderate a discussion with six different families that have experienced adoption in different ways. Two elders from Hill Country took part — Terry and Joanne Melle talked about their experience having adopted their son 19 years ago domestically.Adoption Seminar Panel David and Nancy Redding are somewhat early in the process of adopting internationally so they had a very different perspective. There were four other families, some that had adopted multiple times, some just international, some just domestic and some dipped their toe in both waters. We now realize that we are missing an opportunity to have someone who has experienced foster parenting and then adopting. There’s always next year.The remainder of the seminar included Greg Vestri, president of Food for the Hungry and Tracey Eilers, executive director, of the Adoption Coalition of Texas, both discussing other topics related to the call to care for the fatherless. We were blessed to have Dan Baker close us in a short time of worship and Matt Cassidy, Senior Pastor of Grace Covenant, closed the day with some brief comments and a closing prayer. If you ever want more information on what we’re doing, send us an e-mail to fieldsofgrace@hcbc.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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Before I Pack My Bags…

We’re a little over two weeks away from our departure for Monterrey, Mexico, to work with in the local orphanages serving and loving on the fatherless there. Both our church, HCBC NW, and the organization we’re working alongside, Back 2 Back Ministries, have strongly recommended that each of us, or family unit if appropriate, take some time before we load up to spend some time preparing our hearts for the trip. 
Tonight, Joshua and I dug into Chapter Two and learned that this trip will be impactful to those we’re there to serve, to our group as a whole and to each of us individually. We read Ephesians where it talks about the power of Jesus Christ to enable us to fully comprehend his presence and to give us strength. Our personal application was for both of us to list out how we think we’ll need God’s power during this trip. For me, it was the length of the trip and the slower pace that we experienced when we visited there last summer. For Joshua, his application was the power to fine-tune his Spanish skills in advance of our trip. He’s on his third year of Spanish and this trip has helped him focus his efforts so that he can be more fluent while we’re there. I’d highly recommend looking at the book if you’re going on a trip yourself. It’s in 12 short chapters that are easily digestable. You can get it on the World Vision site for pretty cheap. I’ve pasted a photo of the cover below.
Many of you reading this may have gotten a support letter from Joshua and me. We have already received commitments to be part of our prayer support team as well as our financial support team. We thank you for prayerfully considering how you might be part of what we’re doing on this trip.
I hope to have our second team meeting this Sunday afternoon at the home of one of my work colleagues (actually, now my boss :)) and a good friend. He and his wife and three kids will be joining us on this trip. The meeting will be a good opportunity for everyone to meet everyone else in the group and give the kids some time to “size each other up.”
Stay tuned for more updates. BEA

Before You Pack Your Bag, Prepare Your Heart

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