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What’s In A Name?

Fields of Grace. That’s the name we gave our ministry three years ago. What does it have to do with adoption and orphan care, really? Sometimes I wonder if people even know the significance of the name.


As you read the Bible, you can’t help but notice three groups of people that come up again and again. God continually draws our attention to the orphans, the widows, and aliens (strangers). “What these people have in common is their desperate need of provision and protection. They are the weak, the under-privileged, and the needy among us.”  (Fields of  the Fatherless, C. Thomas Moore)  More than 60 times, scripture draws our attention to the need for caring for these individuals and include His promises to them–a father to the fatherless, their defender, promise to ensure justice, to bless them. Many passages in both the Old and New Testaments confirm God’s commitment to these special groups.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me stop and wonder.  What am I doing for any or all of these, the least of these?

“The Bible reveals that God commanded His people, the church, to set aside a portion of their fields, their provisions, for the sole purpose of providing for these groups. The line that designated this special area was called the ‘ancient boundary.’ It created a field, figuratively and literally, in which the fatherless, orphan, or widow could find the provision necessary to survive.”  (Fields of the Fatherless. C. Thomas Davis)  There was nothing they had to do to earn this provision, hence, the Fields of Grace.

Deuteronomy 24:19-21 records God’s directives:
When you reap your harvest in your field, and forget a sheaf in the field, you shall not go back to get it; it shall be for the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. When you beat your olive trees, you shall not go over the boughs again; it shall be for the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow. When you gather the grapes of your vineyard, you shall not glean it afterward; it shall be for the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow.


And so I wonder, what am I doing for “the least of these?” What are you doing for “the least of these?” What is our church doing for “the least of these?”

What is your field of grace? Do you have enough margin in your life or your budget that you can “let it lie”, you don’t have to go back and glean it afterward and pick up every last bit for yourself?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, if you’ve had moments alone with God where He has revealed things to you about His call to care for “the least of these,” — the orphan, the widows, the aliens.” It doesn’t mean every one of us has to adopt children into our homes or become licensed foster families. While it does mean that for some, or others it calls us to enable those who are called to do those things to support them, financially, with meals, with respite.

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The KidSave Summer Miracles program brings orphaned children from foreign countries to the United States to enjoy a five week summer visit with a family. These are older children, ages 8 through 13, who have little or no chance of finding adoptive parents in their own country.

Austin is currently hosting seven children (five girls and two boys) from Columbia. Click here to read more about these children. The Austin KidSave blog gives up-to-date information on their summer visit so far. While the boys are already in the process of being adopted, the girls have not yet found families. Listed below are several upcoming events that give prospective families an opportunity to interact with the children. For more information please contact Stephanie Karasick at stephaniekarasick@sbcglobal.net.


Saturday, July 18, 11 am – 3 pm
Westlake Beach on Lake Austin   
Kidsave 10th Anniversary  Celebration – We especially hope previous host families and Kidsave invloved families can join us for this celebration
This will be a bring-your-own meal and beverages event. Admission fee will be $8 for adults age 12 on up and $5 for children age 1 to 11.

Sunday, July 26, 2 pm – 4 pm
Bowling Event, Dart Bowl, 5700 Grover Avenue (512) 452-2518 (west of Lamar Blvd and just south of 2222).
Please RSVP to make sure we have enough lanes! Shoe rental donated by Dart Bowl and reduced Kidsave event rates of $7.50 per person for 2 hours of bowling.

Sunday, August 2, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Austin ‘s Park and Pizza, 16231 North IH-35 (Grand Avenue Parkway exit, near Pflugerville)
Video arcade games, miniature golf, go-karts, bumper boats, tea cups, Rio Grande train, laser tag, batting cages, indoor and outdoor climbing walls, pizza, pasta, salad, and soft drinks.

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We are please to be hosting Beth Guckenberger at Hill Country Bible Church this Saturday evening (Nov. 22) at 7pm.Reckless Faith

Beth recently wrote a book called Reckless Faith and she’ll tell how she and her husband Todd left the U.S. more than ten years ago to move to Monterrey, Mexico, to care for the fatherless of Mexico. They are with Back2Back Ministries and our ministry, Fields of Grace, has had the priviledge to take two groups down there to work alongside Todd and Beth and their teams providing not only ‘care for today,’ but also planting seeds that one day the children would learn of an eternal ‘hope for tomorrow.’

Beth GuckenbergerWe’ll be in the cafe area of HCBC, just off the Northwest Lobby. We’ll have copies of her book available for purchase. We hope you can join us. Children are welcome.

Take a look at this short video Beth recently did with Zondervan, her publishing company, in advance of the book being available. In it she tells the heart-wrenching story of how some of these children come to live in the children’s homes they serve.

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